The Buyer's Guide in Ship&Offshore and/or Schiff&Hafen serves as a market overview and source directory. Clearly arranged according to keywords, you will find offers from the international shipbuilding and supply industry.

Anodic protection

Service + spare parts

Japan Engine Corporation

see Nippon Diesel Service GmbH

Carl Baguhn GmbH & Co. KG

Motoreninstandsetzung, Gleitlagerherstellung, Kurbelwellenschleiferei, Ersatzteilhandel


Crankshaftrepair (max. length 12 m), Repair of Engine- and Industrial parts, Connectingrods and Camshafts, In Situ Machining, Laser Cladding

August Storm GmbH & Co. KG

Technologie und Service für Motoren und Antriebe

Motorenreparatur, Zylinder- und Kurbelwellenschleiferei, Ersatzteillager, Bordmontagen

Christian Bindemann

Group of Companies GmbH & Co. KG

spare parts for turbochargers, filters, separators, pumps, boilers and

Wulf Johannsen KG GmbH & Co.

Motoreninstandsetzung - Maschinenbau Schleiftechnik

Kloska Energie- und Motorentechnik GmbH

Gas/Diesel Engines and Combined Heating Plants (CHP) Service

Nippon Diesel Service GmbH

After Sales Service - Spare Parts - Laser Cladding - Technical Assistance


Marine Systems and Ship Repair

Repairs and Conversions

The following data is contained in the entry: Your company logo (4 colours), address and communication data as well as a short product or service description. The minimum booking period is one year! You can use the Buyer's Guide for these three
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2nd Ship&Offshore International - worldwide
Duration: monthly (8 issues plus 1 x GreenTech and 1 x SmartShip)

3rd Ship&Offshore Selected
Duration: 3 issues (2 x China, 1 x Russia)




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